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Fr. Moriarty OP


Fr. Thaddeus Moriarty OP

Fr.Thaddeus (Tadgh) Moriarty OP

He was born in Kerry in 1603. Tadhg went to Lisbon to prepare for the priesthood. In 1636 Fr.Thaddeus returned to Kerry. In  Jan. 1653 a decree was issued banishing Catholic priests. Failure to leave rendered the priest guilty of high treason. The penalty was death.
Fr.Moriarty, who was then Prior in Tralee, went to Castlemaine, his home-country. There with others he posed as a merchant.  The only safe place to celebrate Mass was in the local wood. At dawn on 15 Aug 1653, while celebrating Mass, Fr.Thaddeus was arrested. They walked him all the way to Killarney where General Nelson had his headquarters. For two months he was held there and grossly ill­-treated, starved and flogged. When asked by Nelson why he did not obey the law, Fr.Tadgh replied he had to obey the laws of God first. Fr.Thaddeus was condemned to death by hanging at Martyrs’ Hill in Killarney. He spoke briefly of the true Faith, of the Roman Catholic Church, of the brevity and uncertainty of life, and of martyrdom as the surest way to heaven.
In death, his face emaciated as a result of weeks of semi-starvation seemed to change and be transfigured. This greatly consoled the Catholics. Even the Cromwellians were forced into admiration. One of them remarked: “If ever a Papist were a martyr, he certainly should be accounted one”. It was the 15th October 1653.  

Mass to celebrate the memory of Fr Thaddeus Moriarty OP



  O God, honour amongst your
  faithful people with the title of
  "Blessed" Fr.Thaddeus of the
  Order of Preachers who most
  agerly gave his life for the sake
  of the "truth that sets us free'.

We your people need that truth
and courage of the Martyrs.
Strengthen us by giving us as a
model of our faith and as a
support to its practice this great
Dominican friar,
for even those who killed him
recognized that he died for his
Catholic faith.

We thus ask, O heavenly Father,
that your servant
Thaddeus Moriarty be held as
"Blessed" throughout your
Son's Catholic Church.

We ask that through his
intercession we may receive the
graces which we need,
and especially for peace and
reconciliation in our families,
communities and amongst the
nations, churches and religions

This we ask through Jesus your
Son who preached the truth for
which Thaddeus Moriarty died:
and through the Holy Spirit,
who gave him the courage to give
finest witness to truth in his
glorious martyrdom. Amen

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